Corporate Social Responsibility

Welling Partnership Property and Construction Consultants recognise we have economic, social and environmental responsibilities to all our stakeholders - our Clients, Employees, Suppliers and the Community.

We aim to demonstrate our acknowledgement of this responsibility through our policies and actions, and support the values of honesty and fairness in our relationships with our stakeholders.



Ensure that our services are performed in accordance with the terms and conditions of our contract.

In accordance with our Environmental Policy perform our services with due regard to the possible impact on the environment and work in partnership with Clients to seek to minimise any adverse consequences.

Endeavour to support any Client initiatives in respect of the community and environment.



Ensure that our Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy is adhered to.

Offer clear terms of employment to our staff, and support and encourage their continued development.

Provide a safe working environment.



Seek to use suppliers that have acknowledged their economic, social and environmental responsibilities.



Have due regard to the affect our services may have on the community and endeavour to minimises any negative impact.

Support local employment initiatives.

Continue to make various charitable donations.